[Media Coverage] CEO Sugimoto will appear on TOKYO MX’s “The Challenge Story (企業家たちの挑戦ストーリー)”

Hiroyuki Sugimoto, Chairman and Group CEO of SYLA Technologies Co., Ltd., will be a guest on TOKYO MX’s TV program “The Challenge Story (起業家たちの挑戦ストーリー)” on Monday, November 13, 2023.

Featuring the hottest new leaders of the new Japanese economy, this program showcases a dialogue between journalist Yuko Ando, venture entrepreneurs, and leading business managers. The program discovers their business content, the reasons for starting their business, as well as the untold stories of their challenges.

The episode in which Sugimoto will appear as a special guest commentator will cover the following contents:

1. The challenge story of Kyoko Kogayu, Guiding Star Corporation
 Introduction of “caregiving that families can enjoy" to major companies, among others, leading to a fundamental solution to caregiving problems
 Secret projects to reduce caregiver turnover

2. The challenge story of Mutsumi Shiino, Saiki Corporation
 Introduction of Kimonos to the world
 The reasons why the entrepreneur chose to venture into real estate business to sell kimonos, while preserving their century-old tradition

About the Program
“The Challenge Story (企業家たちの挑戦ストーリー)” is an economic program hosted by Yuko Ando, featuring new leaders who support the new Japanese economy, and introduces the forefront of business. Journalist Yuko Ando delves into the untold stories of their challenges, exploring their current business endeavors, the reason behind their focus on that particular business, and the motivations that led them to start their ventures. The commentator is Takami Kondo, the head of the management group of 4,200 companies, who achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest person to successfully list his company on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at that time. Prominent executives from well-known companies, including the chairman of Mos Burger, also participate in the program.

The details are as follows:
TV station: TOKYO MX
Broadcast date: Monday, November 13
Broadcast time: 26:05 (2:05 a.m. on Tuesday, November 14)
Program: The Challenge Story (企業家たちの挑戦ストーリー)

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