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SYLA Technologies Rings the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell

2023.04.10SYLA Technologies Rings the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell

About Us

We are a prop-tech company centered on 'Rimawari-kun',
the largest real estate crowdfunding platform in Japan

Asset management is indispensable for living a prosperous life in the ‘Age of 100 Years’. Real estate is the second largest asset class after bonds and stocks, but its full potential has not been realized due to market inefficiencies and the slow pace of digitalization.

In order to change this, we are addressing the DX of the real estate industry and the challenges of asset management in Japan by utilizing the Internet and technologies such as AI and AR/VR.

Social GoodRegional DevelopmentApartment InvestmentSolar powergeneration社会貢献・地域創生太陽光発電マンション経営


Enriching the 100-year life era with technology and asset management


Board Members

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-President and DirectorHiroyuki Sugimoto

Hiroyuki Sugimoto
Yoshiyuki Yuto
Takeshi Fuchiwaki
Tomoyoshi Uranishi
Ferdinand Groenewald
Keiji Torii
Yozo Tachibana
Stuart Gibson
Takuya Hanada
Taku Okawa
Shinsuke Nuriya
Tohru Masago
Shin Azuma
Kyohei Kubo
Ikuo Yoshida
Yoshihide Sugimoto
Keiko Yokoyama