01Basic philosophy


02Corporate philosophy









For members

・Think of reasons why you can do it, not why you can't. This is the starting point of business.

・If you want to ask, give. If you want to be trusted, trust. Building relationships starts here.

・Don't take the easy way out. Don't take the easy way out. You have to sweat not only your body but also your brain and ask yourself the question.

・Persistence attracts luck. Turn past failures into a process of success.

・Be a participant, not a bystander. When you see everything as your own affair, your perspective changes. The reason you don't come up with ideas is because you are not thinking as a participant.

・Things are not determined by a single factor. Always learn, increase your input, determine the multiple factors, and output.

・At this very moment, somewhere, someone is making an invisible effort. And they are taking action. Success is an achievement that only those who take action, not those who think about it, can obtain.

For members who aspire to become leaders

・When you set a goal in life, there is only one limit. It is the limit you set for yourself. Remember, for better or worse, life is what you envision it to be.

・When we are faced with difficulties, when we feel crushed by anxiety and fear, there is no time to stop. And there is no time to be troubled by unanswerable questions. The answer will always be there.

・Have imagination for others. The most important thing in communication is not what you think, but how the other person feels. Think through what the other person is thinking and what they want.

・What we want to do and what we should do are two different things. Continuance without wavering is the foundation of development that leads to everything.

・You know your own abilities well. Stop comparing yourself with others, stop vainly trying to look good and satisfy your vanity.

・Someone is always watching. If your behavior is shameful, don't act. Act in a way that you can be proud of, no matter who is watching.

・Excuses are defended lies. Business is all about results. If you are frustrated, put forth overwhelming effort.

For leaders

・There is always a price to pay in life. To gain something, life is to lose something. If you want to claim rights, you must fulfill your obligations. If you want to gain freedom, you must fulfill your responsibilities.

・Leaders who forget the field will decline. Don't forget the perspective of employees and customers.

・The higher you rise in rank, the more foolish it is to pretend to understand what you do not understand. No matter what position you find yourself in, don't act like a big shot, but keep learning.

・Humility and gratitude are the most important thoughts for successful people. Humility is the ability to judge oneself objectively, and gratitude is the ability to care for others.

・There are different types of assets. Assets that do not generate income are not assets, but useless baggage. People are the most important asset, and nurturing people is the best way to manage assets.

・If you think about the value of money on a daily basis and try to be thrifty, there is no need to cut expenses. Learn to recognize the intrinsic value of money.

・Pursue ideals and have an insatiable inquisitiveness and curiosity. A leader is one who can light a fire in people's hearts.

For leaders who want to become true business leaders

・The essence is not a righteous argument driven by a futile sense of justice, or a rhetorical argument that is all about self-convenience, but a self-theory that has thought through ideals and reality.

・When everyone around you is pessimistic and the economy is bad, it is a time to be on the offensive; when everyone around you is optimistic and the economy is good, it is a time to be on the defensive.

・First-rate intelligence is about synchronizing two seemingly conflicting ideas in one brain. It is in the mire of mixed positives and negatives that the brightest achievements are buried.

・Purpose and means are different. The purpose of a company is to make its stakeholders happy, and increasing sales is a means to an end.

・For a company, results are profits. There is no better theory than results.

・Remember the Financial Crisis. Debt beyond your ability to pay will ruin you.

・Don't be bound by the past. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future. And a new future will change even the evaluation of the past.

Top message

Democratizing real estate investment around the world and enriching the 100-year life era with technology and asset management
Our mission is to solve social issues for people all over the world and to realize social contribution and community creation through our platform.
For example,Interstellar Technologies Inc.(IST) construction of a rocket factory in Taiki Town was originally a project that financial institutions found difficult to finance.
However, with the supportive investment of our enthusiastic investors and the community, we and IST were able to raise a total of over 700 million yen online and successfully construct three factories and a test building.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support.

IST subsequently focused its capital on corporate growth, successfully increased its capital, and became one of Japan's leading rocket venture companies.
And Taiki Town saw an increase in tourism, with houses, stores, and hotels being built one after another, and for the first time in 23 years, the population increased and GDP and real estate prices rose significantly.

We are committed to realizing our vision and mission on a daily basis.
On behalf of management team and the entire organization, thank you for your trust and ongoing support.
CEOHiroyuki Sugimoto