Growth Strategy

Platform expansion through multi-product funnel

Starting with "Rimawari-kun," the No. 1 real estate crowdfunding service in Japan in terms of members, we will expand investment opportunities by developing asset management products that meet the various risk profiles of our clients.

In addition, by leveraging technology to improve asset management literacy and customer convenience through the expansion of investment content, personalization, and UX improvements, we aim to promote multi-product usage, diminish CAC, and increase AUM on the platform.

The Current State of Real Estate Investment in Japan

Real estate's EC rate is low compared to other industries.

In the real estate investment market, which is our target market, the law was amended on May 16, 2022, lifting the ban on online real estate contracts. It is expected to rise to the 30% level in the next 10 years, which will lead to a shift to online as seen in other industries.

*Refer to 2021 figures from MyVoice Communications, Inc "Survey on Internet Banking" (2021)
*Reference to 2018 figures from Japan Securities Dealers Association, "National Survey on Securities Investment (Summary of Survey Results)" (2018)
Percentage of online transactions in each industry (2021)
10-year forecast

Japanese real estate investment experience

Regarding real estate investment in asset management for Japanese individuals, only 12.6% of respondents have invested in real estate, including REITs.
Compared to the global standard for asset management, Japan's asset allocation is extremely biased toward deposits, but with the growth of crowdfunding and REITs, the potential for expanding investment in real estate over the medium to long term is high.

Real estate investment experience in Japan12.6
Real estate investment experience in the U.S.44

Environment Surrounding Asset Management

55% of ¥2,000 trillion in personal financial assets are cash deposits

Inflation increases interest in asset management.Various deregulations due to government measures. From savings to investment.

Government debt outstanding at 2.5 times GDP

Increased tax burden due to higher social security costs.Pension reductions make rersonal asset formation a must.

The real estate industry has 0 online transactions.

Due to a change in the law in 2022, the rate will exceed 30% in 10 years.Real estate IDs increase transparency of information.